SP4 - Mechanical Energy Storage

The main objective of SP4 is to develop methods and equipment for mechanical storage of electric energy and, vice versa, to use the energy for supporting the grid when consumption increases.

As for now, three mechanical storage methods have been suggested for further analysis: hydropower including pumped hydro, compressed air energy storage and flywheels. The activities focus on existing and potential storage capacity by hydropower, flywheels and compressed air in Europe and future scenarios. Additionally, technology developments for the improvement of mechanical storage technologies, their environmental impacts and numerical models will also be considered.

On 14th May 2021 SP4 will host a webinar on New flexibility resources: the role of hybrid pumped hydropower. More information can be found here. 


SP4 Members

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SP4 Contact


Atle Harby

SP4 Coordinator




Giovanna Cavazzini

SP4 Deputy

UniPadova, IT