SP6 - Energy Storage: Technoeconomics and Sustainability

The SP6 plays an important role within the individual sub-programmes as well as in cross-linking the respective technologies.

Each of these energy technologies has different properties regarding applicability, cost, environmental impact, and recycling potential. This makes the choice of a certain energy storage system always a trade-off between different properties as no system is able to fulfil all these aspects. At the same time, also changing markets, policies and technology landscapes have to be considered for future storage implementation.
We aim to address these critical issues beyond pure techno-economics, including general technology assessment and environmental impact analyses considering early to late TRLs and different system integration scenarios. This provides feedback to the five other SPs, other researchers and the industry (e.g. KPIs, market potential) where SP6 shall also serve as a space to facilitate knowledge exchange among various stakeholders and to establish new collaborations.

The Sub-program 6: Techno-economics and sustainability of energy storage technologies of the EERA Joint Programme Energy Storage (JP ES) offers all EERA JP ES PhD students the possibility to present and discuss their work to their peers within the extended EERA JP ES network. More information can be found here: EERA Joint Programme Energy Storage - Events (eera-energystorage.eu)


SP6 Members

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SP6 Contact


Yolanda Lechon

SP6 Coordinator



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Manuel Baumann

SP6 Deputy