SP2 - Chemical Energy Storage

The SP2 group focuses on the chemical energy storage based on the conversion of renewable electrical energy into the energy contained in chemical bonds.

The conversion technology, Power to X (P2X), converts renewable feedstock air (CO2, N2) and water into energy dense fuels and chemicals, providing long-term (seasonal), large-scale (EJ) energy storage capacity. P2X couples the power sector to other sectors of the energy system, thereby reducing overall CO2 emissions. SP2 contributes to SET Plan Action 1 Development of renewable technologies and integration in the EU energy system, Action 2 Cost reduction and Action 8, Renewable Fuels for Sustainable Transport.

SP2 Members

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SP2 Contact

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Peter Holtappels

SP2 Coordinator




Linda Barelli

SP2 Deputy

Uni Perugia, IT