Advisory Board

The EERA Joint Programme on Energy Storage (JP ES) included in 2023 an Advisory Board, which serve as a forum for the energy storage sector to advise and give feedback to the JP ES Management Board and Steering Committee. This ensures that the JP ES is aligned with the research and innovation needs from stakeholders in the energy storage domain.

The Advisory Board:
• Discusses the progress of the Joint Programme and provides strategic advice from industry, policy and civil society perspectives
• Identifies R&D and innovation needs
• Bridges relevant networks and stakeholders
• Ensures JP ES’s relevance to the energy storage sector
• Increases the awareness and knowledge about energy storage and hybrid energy storage research for the sector, and promotes its role to enable the green energy transition

Mambers of JP ES Advisory Board


Magdalena Graczyk-Zajac (EnBW)



Stefano Saguatti (MANZ Italy)



Oskar Meijrink (Head of Future Fuels- SKYNRG)



Dr. Karin Rindt (Energy Solutions at Bayernwerk Netz GmbH)

BusinessFINALS 3 Rindt small


Alex Campbell (LDES)

 Alex Campbell headshot small


Gianni Grasso (ASG Superconductors S.p.A., Italy)



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Doetsch (Head of Institute, Fraunhofer UMSICHT)