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The European Green Deal aims to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy with zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To achieve more efficient, competitive and cost-effective energy systems and devices, RISEnergy fosters a European ecosystem of industry, research organizations and funding agencies aimed at developing novel energy technologies and concepts.

RISEnergy brings together a consortium of 69 beneficiaries from 22 countries: ERIC institutions, technology institutes, universities and industrial partners, to jointly improve the economic performance of technologies. Members of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) are establishing the core European ecosystem.

The main objectives of RISEnergy are:

  1. To enable research and innovation to increase energy efficiency and reduce the cost of energy technologies, to foster wider use of renewables into energy systems through proactive innovation management. Provision of a single entry point with tailor-made access roads for academics, industry, and SMEs, and advising RI providers, all acces Users, and policy makers on LCA, ICT development and networking issues.
  2. To provide efficient transnational access (TNA) to facilities to support renewable energy technologies and systems and to provide more than 2,500 days of access to major 87 European and international world-leading analytical facilities.
  3. To reach out to all stakeholders performing research along the value chain, from materials and technology development to applications in the eight most relevant fields of PV, CSP/STE , hydrogen, biofuels, offshore wind, ocean energy, integrated grids, and energy storage, research infrastructure providers and policy makers;
  4. To provide comprehensive services of unprecedented quality, like new cross-RI services, a single entry point, tailor-made access roads for academia industry, and SMEs with a particular focus on scientists from research fields in which the use of research infrastructures is not yet established.

RISEnergy RImapRISEnergy in numbers:

  • 17 full participants
  • 37 affiliated entities
  • 15 subcontractors
  • 8 RES fields: PV, CSP/STE , hydrogen, biofuels, offshore wind, ocean energy, integrated grids and energy storage
  • 2 cross-cutting areas: materials and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabling
  • 84 research infrastructures (RI) from 19 European and associated countries and 3 RIs from Canada, Japan and USA
  • over 100 external supporters of the proposal

The project kick off meeting took place in Brussels and online between 12 and 13 March 2024. The recordings and presentations (PDF files) of the meeting can be found here.

RISEnergy full participants:

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