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Eera event 21-24 August 2022 - Brno University of Technology

Advanced Batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells (ABAF)

Main fields of interest of the conference were the research and development of materials designated for modern electrochemical power sources, new investigations in the fields of materials developed for conventional batteries and their properties, ionic liquids and their use, unconventional power sources including photovoltaic systems, corrosion of materials in various environments, large-scale applications in the area of energy transport and storage, electrochromism and special electrochemical technologies.

The conference was prepared in cooperation with the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) and the Battery 2030+ European Research Initiative, coordinated by the Uppsala University, Sweden. Part of the conference was a Battery 2030+ section, which intended to exchange knowledge and best practices for long-term battery research needs in Europe.

The conference language will be English and selected conference research papers will be published in a special issue of Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

During the conference, EERA JP ES awarded prizes to the best posters by young researchers. The first prize was awarded to

Katharina Mairhofer from Technical University in Vienna with the poster on

'Photoelectrochemical Method for the Investigation of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors'

The second prize went to

Daniel Budáč from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague with the poster on 

'Numerical Prediction of Electrical Conductivity of Porous Composite Materials: LSM-YSZ Case Study'. 

Congratulations to the winners!!!

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Practical information


21 Aug 2022 - 24 Aug 2022


Technická 12, Brno
Czech Republic


Tomáš Kazda
Brno University of Technology