StoRIES Infrastructures: RINA CSM Delta H lab

DeltaH lab of Rina Consulting- Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA is a recently infrastructure supporting research related to hydrogen storage and transportation through the evaluation of material and component performances in gaseous Hydrogen, or hydrogen mixtures up to very high pressure (up to 1000 bar). In the lab there are three equipment: a small scale device for mechanical testing, a large scale testing device for static and dynamic loading to simulate operating conditions and a HPCT device to perform measurements of hydrogen adsorption and chemisorption.

State of the art: The study of the interaction between materials and hydrogen is crucial to define requirements, performances and qualification criteria for all the components involved in the hydrogen value chain. Tests are required by pipe producers and TSOs to evaluate the suitability of materials for hydrogen transportation and storage in defined working conditions.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The following tests can be performed in hydrogen environment (pressure up to 1000 bar, temperature range -10 °C ÷ 140 °C): Tensile tests and Slow Strain Rate Test (SSRT), Fatigue Crack Growth tests (FCGR), Fracture toughness KIH, pressure cycling tests on components. Such tests can be performed also in inert environment. Moreover, measurements of hydrogen adsorption and chemisorption on steel materials and nanomaterials as a function of temperature can be performed.