StoRIES Infrastructures: UoB BEIC

Birmingham Energy Innovation Centre (BEIC) of University of Birmingham  (installations from June 2021, first batch of ~50% to be available from October 2021 and fully available March 2022) has ~2000m2 of space for pilot and demonstration of low carbon technologies, with approximately 600m2 for accommodating thermal ES pilot and demonstration facilities.

State of the art: The BEIC provides unique thermal ES demonstration facilities such as thermochemical ES (10kW/100kWh); integrated gas compression heat recovery and storage (100kW/500kWh); mobile heat storage demonstrator (10GJ); mobile PCM based cold chain transportation demonstrator (standard 40ft container sized, charging time <2hours, discharge time > 180 hours).

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The BEIC offers thermal ES pilot demonstration facilities for thermochemical ES; composite PCM based thermal management system for electrical vehicles, telecommunication base station, and data centre cooling systems; cryogenic ES based combined cooling, heating and power demonstrator; mobile composite PCM based heat and cold storage demonstrator; integrated gas compression heat recovery and storage system for managing power supply.