StoRIES Infrastructures: UoB BCES

Birmingham Centre for ES (BCES) of University of Birmingham is a cross-campus initiative with thermal ES research hub at Chemical Engineering. It has ~1000 m2 of research labs well-equipped for both fundamental and applied ES research, as well as a 600m2-pilot-plant for liquid air ES integrated with heat and cold storage units (350kW/2.5MWh).

State of the art: The BCES unique services and facilities include pilot plant for liquid air ES system; manufacturing technologies and pilot scale production lines for composite PCMs (~1 ton/day scale) and composite thermochemical materials (~ 100kg scale); diverse latent heat and thermochemical based ES demonstrators.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The BCES currently offers services include TES material characterization covering -196oC ~ + 1500oC; manufacturing technologies and pilot scale production; pilot plant for cryogenic air ES; latent heat and thermochemical based ES demonstrators for building storage, thermal management of battery and data center, air-conditioning, cold chain transportation, etc.; integrated gas compression heat recovery and storage system; molten salts based pyro-processing system for nuclear power plant; integrated solar volume-absorption and storage.