StoRIES Infrastructures: LNEG HPC Cluster

HPC Cluster of Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia (LNEG): 96 computation cores, 768 GB of RAM, 32 TB for data storage and 56 Gb/s Infiniband communication infrastructure for MPI computation among nodes holding 4 TFLOPS computing capacity.

State of the art: The latest software versions are currently available, namely Ansys 2020 R2, OpenFOAM v2012, TRNSYS 18.00.0019, Tonatiuh v2.2.4, SolTrace v3.0 or SAM 2020.11.29.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure:

  • Computer fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation;
  • Simulation of transient systems and components;
  • Optical simulation of solar concentrating systems using ray-tracing;
  • Systems’ techno-economic simulation with the System Advisory Model and
  • Computing time for user developed software.