StoRIES Infrastructures: HSLU ES Infrastructure

ES Infrastructure of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) comprises state-of-the-art equipment for thermal ES research starting from material and extending to component and system level.

State of the art: Apart from the state of the art analytical equipment for material testing, the TES prototypes and system simulation lab are developed in-house and are unique in the world. Alongside the unique characteristics of various devices, what is particularly outstanding is the combination of this variety of TES-relevant testing devices in one facility.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The analytical laboratory comprises all devices necessary to analyse all important thermophysical properties of sensible and latent storage materials. The thermal laboratory contains a unique combination of thermal storage test prototypes and thermostats/measuring equipment to characterize the performance of latent/sensible storage components from very deep (-50°C) to medium-high (200°C) temperatures in a variety of scales (50ml to 1 m3). The system simulation lab allows for the testing of TES systems in combination with thermal networks and various production/consumption profiles. The CT (Luci) enables as a one-of-a-kind device the high-resolution tracking of dynamic processes in thermal storage system and the failure analysis of electric storage systems.