StoRIES Infrastructures: FHa ITHER

Technological Infrastructure of Hydrogen and RES (ITHER) of Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon (FHa): 1,200 m2 workshop offered itself as a unique-in-Europe experimental test bench installation to work with remotely monitored large hydrogen equipment (production, management and efficient use) integrated in a microgrid with intermittent RES (635 kW wind and 160 kW PV).

State of the art: 20 kW AWE test bench (@60 bar/100 ºC) and 250 kW industrial AWE with a power supply unit of 3,300 A/18 V connected to a grid simulator (70 kW). 56 kW PEMWE directly connected to an off-grid 60 kWp PV field. R&D injection platform of different flows of green hydrogen concentrations (0.8 kg/h and 80 bar) into a 56 Nm3/h NG loop. 4 Nm3 @35 bar and 23 kg @350 bar hydrogen storage. HRS dispensing at 200/350 bar.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: Standardized testing (JRC protocols) for electrolysers directly coupled to RES to perform high dynamic operation, AST, on-grid/off-grid services. Performance behaviour of new components and materials assembled into advanced stacks and storage systems. Experimental validation of results obtained by system and thermal management modelling (Python, HYSYS, Simulink Matlab, etc.).