StoRIES Infrastructures: CYI PROTEAS

Platform for Research Observation and Technological Applications in Solar Energy (PROTEAS) of The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is the largest research infrastructure in Cyprus. It is devoted to research, development and testing of Renewable Energy Sources with emphasis on Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST), Thermal ES (TES) and thermal Desalination of Sea Water (DSW) technologies for bridging the gap between fundamental research and industrial needs.

State of the art: Multi-purpose facility for the advancement of molten salt TES technologies and its hybridisation with batteries and other forms of ES. Poly-generation of heat and electricity using renewable energy technologies (CST, Wind, PV) and integration of these energy technologies with molten salt TES, batteries and seasonal water storage. Optimal solar radiation and environmental conditions, monitored via a state of the art BSRN station. Furthermore, PROTEAS is complemented and enhanced by the Thermal ES Lab (TESLA) at the main Campus of CyI at Athalassa where instrumentation, controls and material studies are also being conducted.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure:  

  • Characterization and evaluation of molten salt storage and components;
  • Storage modelling, design and optimization at technical system level;
  • Storage Modelling in regional/national energy;
  • Training – Internships focused on hands on experience in a real experimental testing facility (PROTEAS) and validating and testing developed software to the PROTEAS control interface.