StoRIES Infrastructures: CIC energiGUNE Solid state NMR platform

Solid state NMR platform of the CIC energiGUNE is equipped with two WB Bruker magnets (500 & 200 MHz) and probes designed for fast MAS experiments (1.3 mm rotors), variable temperature characterizations, paramagnetic materials and in-situ NMR measurements. It can provide accurate information about the structure and the dynamics of molecules and ions in electrochemical materials.

State of the art: Solid-state NMR is a sensitive technique to short-range order that surpasses traditional techniques of materials characterization as X-ray diffraction or electron microscopy in the study of amorphous materials and complements these techniques in the study of crystalline materials.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The services offered are centered in the advanced research of solid materials being used in ES devices including paramagnetic cathode materials, metallic and carbon-based anodes and solid electrolytes (polymers, ceramics and composites). These SS-NMR analyses are also performed ex-situ to understand the phase transitions and dynamic processes occurring during battery operando and the post-mortem studies of batteries and supercarps.