StoRIES Infrastructures: CERTH PTCS reactor

PTCS Reactor of Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute / Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) is an electrically heated 10 kWth drop tube reactor for experimental evaluation of particle-based 2-step thermochemical ES (TCS) concepts (feasibility assessment on a case-by-case basis) able to operate at temperatures of up to 900oC. The setup is coupled to a working fluid circuit to extract heat from the energy discharge step of the TCS cycle.

State of the art: Novel reactor to operate gas-solid particles reactions for high temperature heat storage purposes (feasibility assessment required before use) combined with a materials physico-chemical characterization facility and ability to be coupled with a suitably formulated small power block (not provided, user’s responsibility) via its gas working fluid (air, CO2 or N2).

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The facility is currently operated in the framework of a running EU-funded project ( as the carbonator reactor to carry out the exothermic step of a Calcium-looping TCS scheme. In the framework of StoRIES its scope will be extended to cover additional TCS concepts (feasibility assessment on a case-by-case basis) such as evaluation of materials, operational strategies, validation of numerical models etc, with the main constraints being the maximum operating temperature (900oC) and use of properly formulated particles as heat storage medium.