StoRIES Infrastructures: ECCSEL / ISTO NanoµLab

Nano-Microfluidic laboratory (NanoµLab) of Earth Sciences Institute of Orléans (ISTO): offers high-resolution imaging and metrology techniques for micro-nanofluidic experiments to reproduce a two-dimensional representation of a porous medium that allows for direct visualization of flows, reactions, and transport mechanisms at the pore-scale.

State of the art: NanoµLab allows high-resolution measurements optically, dynamically, chemically, and in real time in microfluidic system. A unique "homemade" Raman micro-spectrometer coupled with the optical microscope offers the advantage of simultaneously chemical and structural analysis at the micrometer scale.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The platform allows studying geological porous media at the pore-scale with a focus on physico-chemical processes: Fluid-rock interactions, interfacial processes, multiphase flow, dissolution/precipitation processes, phase changes. Pore-scale numerical modelling is used mostly to simulate flow and transport in images of the samples to characterize its continuum scale properties.

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