StoRIES Infrastructures: ECCSEL / BRGM BIOREP

BioREactor in deeP environment (BioREP) of Service Géologiqune National (BRGM) - High pressure facility set up to perform percolation and transfer experiments on fluid-rock interactions under a large range of pressure and temperature conditions, while continuously monitoring geochemical and bio-geochemical evolution.

State of the art: BioREP can be modulated to reproduce any kind of environment or process in high-pressure conditions. It is made of specific equipment to study and monitor geochemical processes (in-situ measurements) and microbiological systems (respect of the biologic neutrality) at different scales and in dynamic conditions.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: BioREP facility is currently used to study gas, water, rock and microorganisms interactions in underground systems and at several scales (1 µl to 1 l). This kind of experiments are relevant to anticipate process efficiency and viability.

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