ATENEA MICROGRID of Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables (CENER)  is primarily oriented to industrial applications. It can operate in an on-grid or off-grid mode. The microgrid main objective is to serve as a controlled test bench for new equipment development and systems testing, ES testing, and control and energy management strategies and algorithms development and tuning in a controlled environment as well as a test bench for electrical protections equipment.

State of the art: The microgrid counts with the following generation and storage technologies:

  • Rooftop Photovoltaic installation of 25 kW peak of power;
  • Full Converter Wind turbine of 20 kW of power;
  • Genset of 55 kVA (48 kW); iv) 0 kW gas microturbine with thermal recovery for both cold and heat;
  • Vanadium flow battery of 50 kW, 4 hours;
  • Gel type acid lead battery of 50 kW, 2 hours;
  • SCs of 30kW, 37 seconds;
  • Ion-Lithium batteries of 30KW, 1hours.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure:

  • Power electronics generators test bed against an on-grid and off-grid network;
  • Grid profiles emulation and equipment response analysis;
  • Storage testing capacity for different technologies and
  • Test bed for Control and Energy Management Algorithms validation.