StoRIES Infrastructures: SINTEFF EN Energy Fluid Lab

Energy Fluid Lab includes facilities for investigations of fluid properties and phenomena relevant for ES.

State of the art: 6 installations: CO2Mix and HPC-PE for high accuracy investigation of phase and chemical equilibria, RefGasMix for accurate mixture preparation, VISC-DENS for investigation of viscosity and density, SEPPIL – a small pilot for low-temperature separation, and DeFACTO for investigation horizontal and vertical flow phenomena.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: Services offered: Accurate measurements of phase equilibria, density, viscosity, and heat transfer. Study techniques for chem. analysis & fluid phenomena. Ref. mixture production. Separation experiments for blue & carbon negative H2 processes. Toxic, flammable, and aggressive fluids handling. Operator training. Rel. simulations/models.