StoRIES Infrastructures: SINTEFF EN Smart Grid Lab

Smart Grid Lab is jointly operated by SINTEF and NTNU.  The core of the National Smart Grid Laboratory is a facility (250 m2) providing a reconfigurable electrical infrastructure for conducting experiments at low voltage levels (e.g. 400 V ac or 800 V dc) and for power ratings in the range of 100 kW. A specific feature of the laboratory is the opportunity to integrate real-time simulations and physical power system assets (hardware-in-the-loop) with ratings up to 200 kVA, 400 V AC or 700 V DC.

State of the art: The Laboratory is very flexible with respect to topology and configuration and may be used to emulate the operation of different systems and equipment. The laboratory contains equipment such as: battery module tester (battery emulator), climate chamber, two PV-emulators, inverter for PV and battery, lead acid battery with integrated converter to AC/DC and Li-ion battery.