StoRIES Infrastructures: SINTEFF AS BATT Lab

BATT Lab covers the value chain of battery manufacturing from materials synthesis to pouch cell assembly, and electrochemical characterization and long-term testing.

State of the art: The testing facility consists of approximately 140 battery test channels (soon to be approximately 330), including AC impedance (EIS) modules, and temperature- and humidity-controlled testing chambers. The electrochemical characterization facility consists of several potentiostats/galvanostats for AC testing, chronoamperometry, linear sweep and cyclic voltammetry. The BATT Lab at SINTEF Industry also includes an assembly line for multilayer pouch cells with a maximum capacity of 600-800 mAh.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The BATT Lab infrastructure at SINTEF offers a complete battery assessment from fundamental materials science investigation (electrochemical and physical-chemical characterization) to full cell development and optimization (battery testing and modelling, lifetime prediction). SINTEF also holds competence relating to raw materials required for battery cell production, optimization of production technology, including automation and digitization, as well as recycling and reuse after end of battery life.