StoRIES Infrastructures: ENI DemoFlowBattery

Demo Flow Battery of Eni SpA (2.5kW; 25 kWh) is settled in a microgrid, power supplied by a PV plant and having many utilities for the discharging step.

State of the art:  Research in redox flow battery (RFB) has been carried out by many researchers in various TRL, from 3 to 7. Still several technological challenges remain in the optimisation and improvement of current RFB, specially related with the development of new materials (electrodes and membranes) and new vanadium free chemistries too.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: professional advice and technical support of the different research groups involved in Redox Flow Battery activity, with expertise in different research areas such as development of new membranes, activation and functionalization of electrodes, optimization of new redox chemistries. The laboratories in Novara are equipped for the characterization of the physical-chemical properties of both solid and liquid materials, along with the electrochemical behaviour of materials (key performance, durability and ageing in single cell tests), it is devoted to the development of new membranes, activation and functionalization of electrodes and optimization of new redox chemistries.

The demo scale device is used for monitoring the behaviour and performances at a medium scale. Being in a microgrid, the battery is powered by a solar plant and is connected to several different utilities.