StoRIES Infrastructures: ENEA CRESCO

CRESCO of Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Economic Sustainable Developement (ENEA).  The ENEA main computing facility is CRESCO6 installed in ENEA Portici. CRESCO6 is a HPC system consisting of 434 nodes, ranked 420th in the TOP500 list of Nov. 2018, 1.4 PFlops. It is a Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 platform, an ultra-dense two-socket server in a 0.5 U rack form factor inserted in a 2U four-mode enclosure. The nodes are interconnected by an Intel Omni-Path network with 21 Intel Edge switches 100 series of 48 ports each, bandwidth equal to 100 GB/s, latency equal to 100ns.  

State of the art:The CRESCO infrastructure is the second computing infrastructure in Italy, after CINECA, for the public research community. It runs several computing projects from meteo to fusion, from materials science to bioinformatics to face challenging computing project from both academia and industry. 

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: Support to design large scale HPC simulations. Several numerical codes and tools are already available, mostly for atomic scale design of materials. 

The collaboration with the ENEA staff is the key to design efficient and innovative high end simulations. Most of the users are ENEA users and they collaborators in national and international projects. The most important results are in the CRESCO report, edited every year. The last year report is available at: