StoRIES Infrastructures: EDF Hydrogen Platform

Hydrogen Platform of EDF R&D is a new Lab, connected to Concept Grid, whose purpose is to test and qualify electrolyser technologies, and put forward power supply scenarios that involve varies sources of electricity, representing both current and future power mixes.

State of the art: 2 test areas, each of 600 m², allowing to install electrolysers up to 2MW (in development à 5 to 10 MW). Performance measurement under normal and disrupted conditions, understanding system deterioration, influence of electrolysers on the power grid, impact of disruptions, characterisation of flexibility.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: In addition to characterisation tests and KPI measurement, the connection between Concept Grid and the Electrolyser Platform will allow to test scenarios and case studies: electrolysers’ ability to contribute to ancillary services, optimising electrolyser management and performing tests on control algorithms.