StoRIES Infrastructures: EDF Concept grid laboratory

Concept grid laboratory of EDF R&D is a "smart" distribution network representative of a real electric system from the primary substation to residential appliances. This platform offers the possibility to conduct, in a controlled and safe environment, complex testing campaigns which would be impossible to perform on a real network. Its flexible design allows to work in several network configuration to match with the customers’ expectations.

State of the art: The electrical infrastructure is doubled up with a specific telecommunication network via optical fibers enabling monitoring of all the assets. With a tailor made energy management system (EMS), complex use cases can be implemented, while ensuring coordination of the assets connected to the grid.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: Using the infrastructure of Concept Grid laboratory, different testing scenarios for an ES System (ESS) can be implemented: characterisation of the performances but also dedicated use cases involving other assets such as PV panels, micro-wind turbines, and terminals for electric vehicles. This facility allows for complex demonstration focused on grid services in various configuration: weak grid and micro grid scenario, power management for renewable integration, real-time load levelling for new use (hydrogen, EV charging stations etc.).