StoRIES Infrastructures: DTU Energy System Analysis

Energy System Analysis of Technical University of Denmark (DTU) PowerLabDK is an experimental platform for electric power and energy research. It consists of various types of ES units, such as utility-scale lithium batteries and a vanadium flow battery, etc., which can be tested, controlled and hybridized in simulated and live energy systems, including living labs like Bornholm island.

State of the art: PowerLabDK includes state-of-the-art facilities, such as the largest grid-connected lithium battery (1MW/1MWh) in Denmark and a full digital lab platform (incl. an high performance computing cluster) for advanced data management.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure include testing, technology development, living lab demonstration, training and education, technical advice, research collaboration, visits and tours related to various electric power and energy technologies and research subjects. For ES related activities, examples are prototyping advanced control functions, developing hybridisation, developing advanced power electronics, assessing the impact of dynamic loading profiles, etc.