StoRIES Infrastructures: DTU EC Test

EC Test of Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is located at DTU Energy and is aimed for testing of water, steam and carbon dioxide electrolysis cells and stacks, both, at low temperature (water electrolysis) and high temperatures (steam and carbon dioxide electrolysis).

State of the art: The infrastructure consists of high temperature test rigs for solid oxide cell testing up to 1000 C and test rigs for alkaline electrolysis cells up to temperatures of 250 C and peressure up to 50 bar. Stationary and dynamic electrochemical tests can be performed.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The services offered are electrochemical performance tests under a clearly defined range of conditions (Temperature, gas atmospheres and pressures). Test cover quasi steady state performance tests, durability studies and dynamic testing to identify performance limiting processes on cell and stack level.