StoRIES Infrastructures: CNR Batt lab

Batt lab of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) comprises two different research areas (Materials and components development; Devices and systems including Hybrid ES development and assessment for bridging the gap between fundamental research and industrial needs (

State of the art: The lab network at CNR ITAE is able to cover all value chain, offering several devices dedicated to the materials synthesis, physico-chemical and electrochemical characterizations.

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: RIs are made available to the scientific community to reach high level of research. Physical and chemical characterization of materials, making of electrodes and lab-scale cells, post-mortem analysis, characterization and performance testing of battery materials, cells, battery packs and systems (including hybrids). A large suite of mechanical, thermal, electrical, and other physical characterization and test equipment for ex-situ and in-situ examination of battery materials and cells.