StoRIES Infrastructures: KIT Energy Lab 2.0

Energy Lab 2.0 of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) ia a network of plants combining electrical, thermal and chemical energy flows and new information and communication technologies. A modular power-to-X plant complex for investigating integrated process chains in the order of 100-200 kWel and the Smart Energy System Simulation and Control Center SEnSSiCC will be open for the transnational access.

State of the art: The Energy Lab 2.0 is a real-life lab combined with a simulation platform focusing on fluctuation electricity production, ES and production, and grid services provision from stored chemical, mechanical and magnetic energy carriers with a high flexibility.   

Services currently offered by the infrastructure: The SEnSSiCC facility allows the testing of new energy technologies, such as storage systems, up to 1MVA power and 1.5kVdc voltage, by means of a large power hardware in the loop setup and a flexible microgrid test bench. The modular chemical ES complex enables investigation of steady-state and dynamic performance of Power-to-X plants and to assess the quality of the produced Fischer-Tropsch fuels.